Chapter 14

- How pretty you are ... you do not stress yourself? Me, I am thoroughly. It's your big day. You realize? It's your big day to you ... - Calm down Charline. Breathe, everything will be fine. Do you want to go outside to get some fresh air? "" Yes, no, I do not know. It's a bit like I'm in your place ... - Maybe you'll be someday - Who would want a crazy 46 balls with tattoos everywhere and piercings? - The man who will love you who you are for There will be singles, enjoy-Just three, and I count myself in it. And no thanks for your cousin, far too young and immature. And the other, a divorced Yvan cousin from Montreal ... Great, he's going to talk caribou all night or his ex-wife ... - Just have fun and let things go. - How are you doing to look so calm? Are you ready ? We'll have to go ... This is the first time I see a bride in blue and sexy.
In blue ... the hair, the dress ... I was dressed exactly the same way as 6 years ago, when I saw Yvan for the very first time. I had nothing more, I had nothing less. Yvan thought I had gotten rid of that dress, I had made him believe it. I had hidden it hoping that one day this event would happen. But it was the last time I put it on; it made me think too much about André, the old man for whom I had posed during my studies, who lied to me and made me feel like a mere whore.
Charline was waiting for me with my coat and scarf to accompany me to the town hall. It was time to go. It was time to say yes to the mayor, to check that Jade was in good hands, those of Yvan's sister. I felt incredibly serene.
Yvan ... when he saw me without a coat ... his gaze fixed, no expression was sweating from his face. But his eyes instantly changed color. Dark blue, they became clear, illuminated, shone.
While the mayor was making his speech, he whispered in my ear, "I have spotted where the toilets are." I smiled, and I replied "me too. I hope it will not last too long. We had to wait a little longer. Then we signed the papers, and while it was the turn of the witnesses, we eclipsed.
It was only then, when I was married for a few minutes, in the arms of my husband, I realized ... I was free, I was fine. My life was finally beginning. I was never going to be alone, and more than a husband, I had a soul mate.
A few days before, I wondered if my choice of evening dress was going to shock, making me hesitate. I did not have at the time of donning more no doubt. I was no longer afraid to show myself as I was, to reveal in front of everyone my lack of modesty, and Yvan found me sublime, that's all that mattered.
We talked a long time about this white dress plunging neckline, molding my body to the bottom and flaring gently to the ground, fully transparent, just a few light blue lace barely covering my breasts, my buttocks and my pussy.
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But, if many remembered this dress on the day of our wedding, my memory was more focused on Charline's kisses with "caribou", Yvan's cousin. I thought they were good together, and I was not surprised when she told me a few weeks after she was going to spend several days in Montreal ... Three years later, I was a witness at their wedding.
In the meantime, we moved. The apartment had become too small to live there at five. The children of Yvan's first marriage preferred to live with us, and they had arrived at an age where their opinion counted. It had ended my nakedness of whole days. But, I was not frustrated. We were a real family, as I had dreamed since any girl. Even if it was not all the time pink, that was how I conceived the rest of my life.
The years continued to scroll. I left my full time homemaker job to become our city's deputy mayor on family and education. I was tired of hearing that Jade was not eating in the canteen because it was disgusting. I had thus associated myself with a candidate, then elected mayor, renewed in the following elections ... Disappointed at the beginning by some administrative heaviness, I held good. I was proud of what I had achieved: bringing in local farmers rather than going through companies that were more profitable than the quality of their products. It had taken a lot of work, a lot of investment for everyone ...
- Pauline, I understand your disappointment ... - Disappointment? I am dying to see him die. He is already preparing the future elections and is looking for a scapegoat. Your popularity is a drag on him. Oh yes, to make believe that all of his tax increases are related to what I set up for schools while I was able to improve the quality of life by reducing expenses. . I'm sure he's misappropriating public money. - What are you going to do? - ... Maybe put a list against him. - I'll support you, as I've supported you since the first hour. You have all your chances.- Maybe not so many chances ... He knows things about me ... - What kind of things? Are you talking about what happened in the terminal or during your studies? - ... Mr. No ... I was talking about photos before Jade was born ... How do you know? - I was informed a long time ago of this following an administrative inquiry about you. I repeat to you Pauline, you have all your chances. Do not let these details make you lose your beliefs. Make your decision, and then I'll help you as much as I can. Did you know that he is director of various urban development committees and do you know the amount of all the benefits he receives? Nothing illegal in all this, however ... - ... I understand better his lifestyle. I do not know how to thank you. I'm afraid you'll know it only too well. And for my part, I know that it will never happen ... While I think about it, if your daughter needs a letter of recommendation to enter a big school ... - Jade ... Shit. I'm sorry, but I have to go. We will resume this conversation another time. - Greet me on behalf of your daughter and your husband.

I had forgotten, she had certainly had the results of his white bac ... I was going to pass in his eyes for a filthy unworthy mother who did not deserve it. But, my mind was preoccupied.
I was very angry with the mayor for trying to make me blame for all his bad decisions. He thought I was harmless, he really did not know who he was dealing with. It was late, I had spent a lot of time talking to this member of Parliament whom I had considered a friend for a long time. He had supported me from the beginning of my plan to reform the canteens ... All this began to date.
I was hoping that Yvan would take care of me, put his hands on my shoulders, massage them as he knows how to do it, helping me relax. During all these years of marriage, I have never regretted a single second to have said yes. Would I find him playing on the console with Jade? ... No, it was too late for that, she had school the next day ... I dreaded her reaction to see me arrive so late.
Jade has always been hard on me, making me feel like she is not possible, while with Yvan she was sweet and kind. It was the little girl to her daddy. She did not forgive me, always had an excuse for her father. In our arguments, whether right or wrong, she always defended herself. I felt she was going to make me drool one more time.
So I arrived home, I heard Yvan scream, it came from Jade's room. I went there. I was already pissed at my day, and I was hoping to be calm at home. I discovered Yvan shouting at Jade; she was under her quilt in bed, crying, holding her cheek with one hand. Had he hit her? "" Yvan? You typed it? - Yes! - Calm down ! It's good, I too have reasons to be in a bad mood! We have always said no physical violence! Did you go crazy or what? - ... Yes, I went mad! I hit her for no reason, just for fun! Are you happy, that's what you wanted to hear? - Already, calm down now! - Noooooon!
He left the room, I did not understand anything that was happening. Jade kept crying and I heard Yvan put on a coat. By the time I went to see what he was doing, he had his motorcycle helmet in his hands and was coming out of the apartment. I asked him "where are you going? And, for all answer, he slammed the door behind him.

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